Worker Bee Jewellery Candle


Worker Bee Honey Scented Jewellery Candle


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Worker Bee Jewellery Candle

200g sweet honey scented jewellery candle presented in a stunning golden tin. Concealed inside is your very own golden bee pendant.

Our Honey scented candle has been specially formulated to release the familiar and marvellous sweet viscous scent of this golden delight. The fragrance provides a strong and prominent smell associated with white freesia, bergamot and chamomile to capture the floral wonders of raw wildflower honey. This initial aroma is the most pronounced as your candle starts to burn, filling up your room with a scent that is then enhanced by light undertones of honeyed amber, almond and tonka bean. Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance is a wonderful base note of vanilla and creamy sandalwood.


Light the candle with and wait for the candle to burn. Candles should not be burned longer than 4 hours. If you cannot see the wrapping foil of your prize within 4 hours, snuff out the candle and try again another day.

Your prize should be revealed at around 12 hours but times can differ. Never burn the candle for longer than 4 hours, the containers are tin and can get hot.

Once you can see the silver wrapping of your prize, snuff out the flame and remove the foil wrapper with a pair of tweezers.

Let the wrapping cool then unwrap to reveal your prize.

Worker Bee Jewellery Candle

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Worker Bee Jewellery Candle


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