Oval Trinket Trays


Oval Trinket Trays

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Give your candles some love with these stylish trinket trays.

Choose from classic white or modern grey.

These trays are made with concrete and can be used as trinket dish, to store your bits, keys, skincare products, display your candles, vases and other decorations.

They are designed for decorative purposes and we don’t recommend using the trays as soap holder, or to be kept in a high humidity environment (bathroom).

The tray is 18cm long /9.5cm width/ 2cm tall.

Each tray is hand poured, and although we try our best, there will be variations in the pieces. Air bubbles or uneven colour may be present due to them being mixed & poured by hand. Air bubbles are present around the edges and are not considered a fault but a unique feature.

All trays are sealed to protect them against light humidity and light stains and have small felt feet to protect your furniture from scratches.



These trays can be wiped out with a damp cloth. Do not submerge them under water. Do not store them in a high humidity environment.

It is NOT safe to put them in your dish washer. Concrete is a hard material but it will shatter if dropped on a hard surface.

Oval Trinket Trays

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Classic White, Modern Grey


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